Monday, June 23, 2014

Spamming The World With Blair Faith

Pattberg on 

They used to say that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were the great losers of the 20th Century, but that's just convenient Anglophone propaganda.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Language Makers

Confucius is a "Shengren"
"As a result we still live in this very backward, controlled society violently guarded by often arrogant but ultimately extremely short-sighted mono-speakers who naturally (and who can blame them) prefer to keep their language pedigree and pure. [This is going to change.]"

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Торстен Паттберг – Автор книги «Дихотомия Восток-Запад»

По мнению автора книги «Дихотомия Восток-Запад» Торстена Паттберга, западные санкции никак не скажутся на отношениях между Россией и Китаем. Хотя КНР обеспокоена ситуацией с Крымом, китайское руководство рассматривает действия России как реакцию на западный империализм в Центральной Азии.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

儒家世界 - 裴德思 - 中国的儒家圣诞节



Friday, June 13, 2014

As Chinese Middle Class Marches, Quality and Emotions Of Food Plays A Part

Got interviewed at RT Actualidad about the ethics of GMO in China: "Representatives of the growing middle class in China have a very serious attitude towards the goods they buy. If you buy something like strawberry in appearance, flavor and aroma, but no such a fruit, it has no value to the consumer." --T. Pattberg
Image credit: REUTERS Thierry Roge

Friday, June 6, 2014

Shanghai Daily Publishes Chinese Dream Compilation

The Chinese Dream, 2014
   SHANGHAI - They say that when Xi Jinping elucidated the 'Chinese Dream' in Beijing in 2013, in Shanghai they were already living it for decades. The "Paris" of Asia, world-renowned for its fashion, its education system (No 1 in the world, according to student performance measured by the OECD), its gorgeous skyline, and its beautiful people and culture, Shanghai is also a metropolis of stark contrasts -the gap between the wealthy and the poor is mind-blowing, and its out-of-control "red capitalism" a great source of concern.

   One of the first Chinese aphorisms I learned was: "If the forest is big enough, there are all kind of birds." True, this is the city of adventurers, of foreign drifters, of gold-diggers, expats, of migrant workers, of tycoons, and of dreamers.

   Shanghai Daily now published a compilation of authentic, inspiring, and often touching stories covering most strata of this complex society -from Zhang Junguo the taxi driver, and Yan Zhilin the retired factory worker, to Derek Wang and Kay Gao to whom picking American given names comes with the territory and means business. This is book covers three generations of Shanghai's hopefuls recalling the hardships, struggles, but also the unbroken enthusiasm toward a better tomorrow and -finally- the rejuvenation of China's economy.

   Some of these tales have been featured in Shanghai Daily's cultural section, but are now available, for the first time, in e-book form here at I think that Wu Zheng (the book's Editorial Director, and a graduate from Fudan University) and her team did a great job. Special thanks to Yao Minji for the interview and for mentioning my work in the preface.
Ms WU Zheng, Shanghai Daily, (c)
"When Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the nation to pursue the "Chinese Dream," he triggered a public dialogue about people's expectations and how they are fulfilled. Shanghai Daily launched this series in 2013 to explore the dream theme through different generations." --THE CHINESE DREAM

Monday, June 2, 2014

Cult Killings at McDonald's in China: Killer claimed she was an "evil spirit" (Video)

Woman killed in a McDonald's in China by Cult member Zhang Lidong who claimed she was an "evil spirit"
A nation sees its public morals dwindling:

ZHAOYUAN – Six people, four of them related, have been arrested for assaulting and killing a 37-years old woman at a McDonald's in China, Shandong Province, on May 29th.

As of May 30th, little details are known,* and there are conflicting reports (some say the woman was in her 20s; and that she “spurned his advances”) about the perpetrators (allegedly members of a Christian cult). A quarrel insured. The victim is said to have refused to give her phone number. What is undisputed, however, is the crime itself which was video-recorded. In addition, images from what looks like a security camera footage were broadcast on the province's TV.

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Net citizens (China has over 600 million internet users) were outraged at what presents itself as yet another instance of complete moral failure of this pseudo-harmonious nation: The McDonald's was apparently jammed with customers and staff workers who either quickly left the scene, stood by and watched, or (helpful for police and investigators -it needs to be said), even filmed the gory incident: YOU WILL BE ASKED TO VERIFY YOUR AGE FOR THIS VIDEO FOOTAGE:

Some commentators searched China's soul to blame -they quickly compared it to the case of Yue Yue, a two-years old Chinese girl that a few years ago was run over by two cars in daylight and in a busy place and left to die by at least 18 passers-by.

“Why is nobody helping this poor woman?!” Someone posted, angrily. In addition to the exceptional barbarity of the murder, the case is likely to stir up the debate about widespread violence against women.
Finally, the incident happened at a time when a spell of killing rampages and mass stabbings at train stations and public spaces (often in open daylight) has gripped the nation's psyche, leaving ordinary citizens indeed fearful of meeting with random meaningless death.

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To show some leniency for the frightened observers (and staff members) in the video: The action escalated rather quick, and savagely, and after just 2 minutes or so, and after a bullish thug bashed the victim’s skull with what looks like an iron bar, the woman died on the spot. Having said that, in the end it all feels like some form of collective failure to render any assistance to that poor lady.

Chinese society may be harmonious and peaceful and all; but have them watch a stranger suffer pain and injustice… Holy Laozi, you can hear the callousness crackling.

*On May 31, CCTV published this interview with Zhang Lidong in which he said the killed the woman because she was an evil spirit:

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